I've had a lot of hairstyles over the years; some good, some not-so-much. I do the same thing that I've heard many other women say they do: grow & chop, grow & chop, grow & chop... you get the idea. Currently I'm in the grow stage. I have extremely thick, curly hair, which I have chemically straightened about twice a year. Because of the straightening, my hair is fairly damaged-mostly toward the ends. I feel that the damage is a decent payoff for the straight, frizz-resistant locks.

Hair Pics:
November 2008
Ignore the stupid look on my face. This is Hair U Wear by Jessica Simpson! Amazing how the color blended so well with mine (red/auburn/brown)! I had just gotten my hair chopped then engaged. I was desperate for long, beautiful, wedding worthy hair. 
(I can't find any pictures of the actual short, bob haircut that I am trying to cover up. There was a lot of crying involved with this haircut, so I guess I didn't want any proof that it ever happened.)

September 2009
Wedding Hair: All of this hair is MINE! Sorry Jessica...

Christmas 2009
This picture was taken about one year after my hair had been cut up to my ear lobes. My hair used to grow pretty fast; now I'm not so sure. 

Christmas 2010
Me and my husband, Eddie
(In pajamas, no makeup :(

Spring 2011
With Mackenzie Rhea McKay

June 2011

November 2011
This is the most recent "chop." The picture on the left (before straightener) is my hair blown dry with no attempt to straighten. My hair had just been cut and rendered completely unmanageable, thus requiring a straightening treatment. The picture on the right (after straightener) is about 3 weeks after the cut. 

Spring 2012

May 2012
Curls at my roots/new growth. Time for an appointment to get a straightener! 

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