Monday, July 23, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Sorry! Yes, it's been a while. I have been so busy, yet I really can't tell you doing what! Isn't that crazy, that I don't really even know what I've been doing?! I do know what I've been doing the last few days, so I'll tell you that. Saturday I ran/walked in my first 5K!! Although I didn't run the entire way, and didn't plan to, I am very proud of myself for getting out there. Also, I have a treadmill on the way to my house!

Last week I attended the North MS Autism Conference. The conference center (Lander's Center in Hernando) was like a meat freezer! Aside from that the conference was great. I learned a lot that will help me in my first year of teaching special education. This week I will be attending the MS Dept of Education Autism Conference in Gulfport, MS. Looking forward to being on the beach! My family is meeting me after the conference and we will stay a couple of days at the beach together. I'll try to remember my sunscreen this time!

In other news: I am getting my Biltmore Inspirations home party business restarted. I had taken some time off, well a good bit of off (Feb-July). I have 3 parties scheduled for August and hope to schedule more!!!
Hospitaltiy of the Home

This has got to be my FAVORITE new collection! 
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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Along with my LOFT purchases, I decided to buy new running shoes yesterday. Why would I buy new running shoes, when I'm not even a runner? I want to be a runner. Of course, I know that the shoes will not make me a runner. They will, however give me motivation to run (hopefully). I've completed short runs in the past, but never anything habitually. I'm a bit of fair weather exerciser; I love the idea of exercising, just haven't disciplined myself to stick to it. (Several years ago, I did have a gym membership and personal trainer. I was religious with my workouts and training sessions. That was when I lived in Nashville. Since moving back to Mississippi, I've become quite stagnant. So sad, I know.)
Anyway, back to the shoes. I am a devoted Nike owner. That's basically the only shoe I've ever been satisfied with. Unfortunately, the running masters tell me that Nikes aren't really good running shoes. Taking the advice of the professional runner that was shopping beside me, I bought the "best running shoes ever." These are also the first shoes that I've ever bought, and known at the time of purchase, that  are ugly. Yes, I will admittedly tell you that the shoes on my feet are definitely UGLY! Normally I buy shoes, clothes, and such for their aesthetic appeal, but not any more. I bought a pair of Mizuno shoes. I had never even heard of them before, but my husband says the brand has been around for ages. I've worn them around the house today to "break them in;" and I can already tell that they have much better support than any other shoes that I tried on.  I am planning to make my first run in them on Monday. These shoes have a purpose, and I am hoping to make them work every day. :)

My new shoes!

Do you have any advice for a new runner? I'd love to hear what "real" runners have to say.

Friday, June 29, 2012

I am so excited to go shopping today! After visiting the store and deciding to "wait until I have a coupon," I have just received an email informing me that EVERYTHING at Ann Taylor Loft is 50% off today!!! This is my absolute favorite store! And there are a couple of dresses that I have been eying; today I will make them mine! The email/coupon must be presented at checkout, otherwise you'll receive their current 30 % discount. If you need the email, just let me know.

Here is one of the dresses I have my eye on:

Weird Internet happenings: I saw this dress online a couple of days ago, loved it. I clicked around on a few other looks, page refreshes, and this dress vanishes! Poof, gone! Hasn't been seen since Tuesday, and now today, it's back on the online sales floor. I must snag it before it takes another vacation...

I LOVE LOFT, so excited! Visit their page here, LOFT

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This is my sweet puppy, Reece. He is a hybrid of sorts. His mother is a Chichuahua and his father is a Malti-Poo; so Reece is a Malchipoo! Last week he learned to jump on the sofa, then the chair, now the bed. He thinks he's something else. I'm glad I don't have to pick him up anymore, but this jumping thing could be trouble! But isn't he just he cutest thing you've ever laid your eyes on????

Tattoo Update

Everything went well. Thanks to a topical cream, there was no pain during the procedure! After paper work and waiting on the cream to take effect, the whole thing only took about 30-40 minutes. Right now the tattoo looks like it is freshly done. That is because the solution that is used opens the skin and "draws" out the ink. Therefore, a lot of ink has surfaced. There are some bubbly spots on my skin, which I am told is a good sign. The lady that did the procedure told me that it may take 4-5 treatments. She thinks the next time I go in, we will use a 10% glycolic acid solution to aid in the erosion of the ink.

During procedure. I know this looks really gross, sorry! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Remember getting your first tattoo and someone saying, "You're going to regret that one day."? Your reply, "No I won't, I love this tattoo!" Well, here I  am eating my words. I've already had one removed from my wrist

and I'm planning to have the second tattoo removed from my abdomen tomorrow. Of the two, this one (abdomen) is my least favorite.

(Yes, I stayed in the sun a little too long last week and my stomach is now peeling.) I am prepared for the scarring that is sure to follow. The scarring is much preferred to this obnoxious object that now resides on my body.

What is tattoo removal like? I had the first one removed with a laser. In my opinion, it was VERY painful, and I have a high tolerance for pain. I had to go in for several treatments (maybe five), with the first being the most painful. Each treatment took about thirty minutes and I had to wait approximately eight weeks between treatments. Go figure, it took about 30 minutes to be applied and almost a year to have taken off!

Tomorrow I will be using saline injections to remove the last tattoo. I am told that the process is much like applying a tattoo, injecting saline solution instead of ink. The saline is supposed to break up the pigments and bring them to the surface, where they will "scab" off. I will post more information and "after" pictures tomorrow!