Monday, June 25, 2012

Remember getting your first tattoo and someone saying, "You're going to regret that one day."? Your reply, "No I won't, I love this tattoo!" Well, here I  am eating my words. I've already had one removed from my wrist

and I'm planning to have the second tattoo removed from my abdomen tomorrow. Of the two, this one (abdomen) is my least favorite.

(Yes, I stayed in the sun a little too long last week and my stomach is now peeling.) I am prepared for the scarring that is sure to follow. The scarring is much preferred to this obnoxious object that now resides on my body.

What is tattoo removal like? I had the first one removed with a laser. In my opinion, it was VERY painful, and I have a high tolerance for pain. I had to go in for several treatments (maybe five), with the first being the most painful. Each treatment took about thirty minutes and I had to wait approximately eight weeks between treatments. Go figure, it took about 30 minutes to be applied and almost a year to have taken off!

Tomorrow I will be using saline injections to remove the last tattoo. I am told that the process is much like applying a tattoo, injecting saline solution instead of ink. The saline is supposed to break up the pigments and bring them to the surface, where they will "scab" off. I will post more information and "after" pictures tomorrow!

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