Saturday, June 30, 2012

Along with my LOFT purchases, I decided to buy new running shoes yesterday. Why would I buy new running shoes, when I'm not even a runner? I want to be a runner. Of course, I know that the shoes will not make me a runner. They will, however give me motivation to run (hopefully). I've completed short runs in the past, but never anything habitually. I'm a bit of fair weather exerciser; I love the idea of exercising, just haven't disciplined myself to stick to it. (Several years ago, I did have a gym membership and personal trainer. I was religious with my workouts and training sessions. That was when I lived in Nashville. Since moving back to Mississippi, I've become quite stagnant. So sad, I know.)
Anyway, back to the shoes. I am a devoted Nike owner. That's basically the only shoe I've ever been satisfied with. Unfortunately, the running masters tell me that Nikes aren't really good running shoes. Taking the advice of the professional runner that was shopping beside me, I bought the "best running shoes ever." These are also the first shoes that I've ever bought, and known at the time of purchase, that  are ugly. Yes, I will admittedly tell you that the shoes on my feet are definitely UGLY! Normally I buy shoes, clothes, and such for their aesthetic appeal, but not any more. I bought a pair of Mizuno shoes. I had never even heard of them before, but my husband says the brand has been around for ages. I've worn them around the house today to "break them in;" and I can already tell that they have much better support than any other shoes that I tried on.  I am planning to make my first run in them on Monday. These shoes have a purpose, and I am hoping to make them work every day. :)

My new shoes!

Do you have any advice for a new runner? I'd love to hear what "real" runners have to say.

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